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Youtube Search 1.3.3

No permission to download
Search youtube video!

USE SinusBot >=0.9.17!

  • Search videos
  • Retrieve information from youtube links sended from chat
  • Download/Play directly from command
  • Queue playback
  • TS Groups permissions
  • Video filters
  • Discord
Format values:
  • {title} - Video title
  • {description} - Video Description
  • {description_complete} - Complete video description
  • {yt_link} - Video Link
  • {video_id} - Video id
  • {duration} - Video duration (time formatted)
  • {commentCount} - Comment count on video (formatted)
  • {viewCount} - View count on video (formatted)
  • {likeCount} - Like count on video (formatted)
  • {dislikeCount} - Dislike count on video (formatted)
  • {favoriteCount} - Favorite count on video (formatted)
  • {upload_by} - Channel Owner
Default format:
[B]You[/B][COLOR=#ff0000]Tube[/COLOR] - Title: {title} - Description: {description} - Link: [url={yt_link}]{yt_link}[/url] - By: {upload_by}
  • If the bot says 'Search failed' make sure do you are using the last version of sinusbot and setup correctly your api key
  • If no sound play from bot make sure do you have last youtube-dl binaries

Source code:
Go here: https://console.developers.google.com/project and click on "Create project"



First release
Last update
3.64 star(s) 25 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Discord Update

    Added initial discord support. (hotfix) Enqueue not working with download files. Other changes.
  2. Update methods.

    Update methods.
  3. Commands update

    New features: - added commands - !{command}-video get video details (not play) -...

Latest reviews

i got this error

"Could not play video with filters set"

its all fine - script is runnig, api key ist working..

any solutions?

Fails to queue a song, despite download seeming successful.
My sound doesnt actually play its been fully updated as I am on windows and not windows :/
It works like a Charm :-)
does not work
Work Perfect!

But can you add commands like "!youtubeQueue" to queue a song or "!youtubeDownload" to download a song with command?
Really good work, hightly configurable
Very Nice Script
Excellent script, works fine. Anyone is able to play music through the bot, I am really in need of a way to blacklist specific users from doing so.
You can do it already, Go in web panel and find section named "Banned users"