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Script was requested by @Qwesdy

Groups assigner by command
- This script assigns specified group(s), to specified user, with your chosen command

Group assigner by command - Configuration
- You can change:
  • the command, that will be used to assign groups (excluding exclamation mark) - [Default: group]
  • the id(s) of group(s), that can assign other groups, to any user [Default: everybody]
    Note: Leaving this empty will allow everybody to assign groups
Group assigner by command - Usage
!<yourCommand> <userName> <group>
(optional - if you want to add / remove more groups at once)
yourCommand> <userName> <groupOne> <groupTwo> <groupThree>

- You can assign group(s), by writing specified command to the bot, that starts with ! (exclamation mark):
Example: !group DrWarpMan Owner

- You can also remove group(s), with the same command.

- If you want to add / remove more than 1 group at once, you just have to add another group after it, like this:
Example: !group DrWarpMan Owner Co-Owner Admin VIP

Note: If user or group has spaces in the name, write it in quotes! ""
Example: !group "Doctor Warp Man" Owner "Spider Man" "Super Man" Admin Batman

Group assigner by command - Author
> @DrWarpMan

If you find a bug, or want to add something, just write it.
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