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  1. O

    Sinusbot does not recognise commands

    Hello i installed Sinusbot on my new VPS using the installation script as usual. Everything works perfectly, but the bot does not recognise any commands. I have also updated all the scripts, but it still doesn't work. I don't know what to do. Maybe someone here has an idea.
  2. Yumigawa

    TS3 DayZ SA Server Information Viewer 1.0.0

  3. MatBomber

    Solved Commands don't work on Discord

    The bot has entered the chat and we can listen it, but when we try to type a command, in private and also in all text chat, it don't work. I already setted all "user account" by selecting my nickname and setting -1 to server group.
  4. I


  5. Costeel

    No funcionan los comandos en TS3

    No me funcionan los comandos de ts3 como por ejemplo. (Volume, Say, Next, Stop) Solo me funciona el !yt del script
  6. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord MultiConomy Commands 0.1.0

    Provides basic user and admin commands for MultiConomy User Commands: !wallet shows the amount of money you have !wallet history shows the history of your funds !wallet pay <user> <amount> sends money to another user Admin Commands: !balance set <user> <amount> sets the amount of money a...
  7. Multivitamin

    TS3/Discord Command Library 1.4.4

    To install just drop this file into you Sinusbots Scripts folder which is located in your Sinusbot Installation directory, do not forget to restart your Sinusbot after adding the Script. Why should I use this library? This library will standardize the command handling for SinusBot it will help...
  8. J

    Commands not Working

    I have installed sinus bot but commands not working. i have all Permissions and the bot has [Owner] Group. But commands not working iam write !say (TTS Is Set up correclty) but the but doing nothing. !yt do nothing !ytdl do nothing !start/!stop do nothing. All its broke!!!! Fix it! Please
  9. Neamcrain

    Bot ignores commands after some time

    Hello, after the installation from the bot the commands working properly but after a restart or some time 5-10 minutes they dont work anymore. And after selecting a default channel it stops working too. I tried TS3 3.5.0 and 3.5.1 I tried to install sinusbot manually and with script both...
  10. M

    [Discord] !help omits "Ignore server-chat"

    The !help command does not abide by the "ignore <x>" options. My version: SinusBot 0.13.37-9791176 My configuration: Behavior: Expected behavior: same as all other commands, ignore the command and dont reply. Temporary workaround: Deny the bot to view text channels (not an option in my...
  11. TomoS

    How register - Discord

    I want to manage commands by discord. How do I register a bot to be able to enter commands on the chat?
  12. Newbie

    Solved Hilfe bei Commands/scripts

    Hallo liebe Freunde der Musik, ich benötige etwas Hilfe bzgl zwei Scripts. Ich konnte ähnliche auch nicht finden. 1. Zunächst geht es um Kommando Befehle seitens des Bots, die ich so nicht gefunden habe. Ich habe im Webinterface, unter Musik, 3 Radiosender eingefügt. Ich würde gerne den Bot...
  13. Haz

    EN [REQUEST] Queue list

    Alright so I mean this bot definitely needs a way to see the queue list in Teamspeak. Idek why the dev has not included this in the bot itself. anyway, I'm not a coder so that's why I'm making a request here for whoever that can make this. ok, the idea is that u can queue songs right? so let's...
  14. S

    Teamspeak command to start the bot again?

    Feature Idea: I think you should add a teamspeak command like "!start" to make the bot start playing again after someone does, for example, "!stop". Thanks, Superman.
  15. irgendwr

    TS3/Discord Custom commands 1.2.0

    Please note: This script requires the SinusBot 1.0.0 and will not work otherwise. This is a simple script that allows you to create your own commands with custom responses. Installation: Download the script and put it in the scripts folder Restart the SinusBot Go to your web-interface...
  16. lowyse

    Bot ignoring commands after a while

    When I start my bot through the ./sinusbot command it works just fine, all user commands sent through teamspeak3 client chat works, although after some hours the bot simply don't reply to any chat command, nothing appears in the log. Browser commands still works. If I restart the bot through...
  17. Away

    Solved Howto install SinusBot on a CentOS VPS Server?

    Hay! I watched a tutorial to install SinusBot on a Linux VPS but commands are not similar of Debian to Centos so I can't install misspackages (I can't do the xinit command) so impossible to execute the bot :c Thanks for your help
  18. Y

    Feature Custom BotCommand

    Hi, How to add a new command Example: !all_poke "Welcome Ts3 <name>"
  19. Xaron

    [HELP]Changing the command language (change in Turkish)

    Where is the directory where the script? I installed on Windows Server 2008 r2 rope: Thank you help