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  1. E

    EN [Request] Youtube-Search Script Without API Key

    Hello, I found a website that sells SinusBot's with script that has %200 faster download speed. And plays the song a lot faster. I wonder if there's any scripts like that or can anyone do it? Thanks!
  2. Mavi

    Solved Youtube-DL not working.

    EDIT: I just tried to fiddle with the config again and removing the path to the youtube-dl worked (not sure what the problem was but it works now without an issue. Ooops) Hello, I freshly installed new Sinusbot, and downloaded the latest Youtube-DL, but every time I use the !yt or !ytdl...
  3. M

    Solved Youtube-dl "File format not recognized"

    I'm running the latest version of Sinusbot with the latest version of youtube-dl under a Debian 9 x64 VM. It's all working great, except for one thing, and that's the youtube downloader. It says "file format not recognized" when i try to download a song from youtube, why is this? The logs don't...
  4. Dotty

    EN [SOLVED][API] add url and download

    Hi, I'm writing a script that given a Youtube url get the mp3 file (this part il done, I have an api pointing to the mp3 file url given the Youtube link) and here is my problem: I want sinusbot to download this file and add it to the list. But this api end-point...
  5. Y

    Feature Download while adding youtube playlist

    From the web interface. I can't tell which files were uploaded and which files are links which gets downloaded at every play. It would be nice to be able to distinguish them. In addition, it would be nice to be able to convert a link into a file, vice versa. For example I may want to download...
  6. Y

    Feature download / backup files lists etc.

    I sometimes upload a sound clip which I made myself and if I want to update it, I need to find it in my client computer and do updates, then delete the already uploaded file (loosing all the tag info) and then upload new file and re-apply all the tag info. 1- Can there be an option to download...
  7. BadassOverlord

    Bug Youtube-dl playlist import not working correctly

    I found a bug with youtube dl. When I create a new playlist and use the playlist import feature (where you paste a youtube playlist link), the songs get imported, however, the name is not auto set, you can't queue the song from the playlist, and the folder is not created in root of "all music"...