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tsclient quit

  1. GTS

    TSClient quit after press play on a radio station/Full reinstalation

    Hello, I have a problem with TSClient quit after presing play on a radio station (on all radios station is same) , the TSClient is stoping to working. The TSClient is stable on TSServer when nothing is played. I did full reinstalation on weekend using the Installer script...
  2. Chiura

    TSClient Quit. LogLevel increased

    Hi! Ich habe ein Start problem. Hab den Loglevel auch in der config.ini auf 10 gestellt aber es kommt immer noch das selbe. Also ich komme in das webinterface aber der bot connectet nicht. Bitte um hilfe! Danke! Ausgabe: PS: Wenn wir schon dabei sind, wie kann ich den bot 24/7 laufen...
  3. M

    Sinusbot - TS3 connection problem

    Hello, I can't find solution to fix my problem. I just reinstalled sinusbot by using your script from this site: https://sinusbot-installer.de/ My Specs: SinusBot version: 1.0.0-beta.3-735814e TS3 Client version: 3.3.0 Server version: 3.9.1 OS: Debian 9 64 bit Hardware specs: VPS on net-speak.pl...
  4. likesox

    Solved TSClient schließt sich einfach

    Hallo liebe Community, ich habe zur Zeit das Problem, dass der Bot sobald er connected ist, nach kurzer Zeit einen time out bekommt. Ich kann ihn dann ganz einfach über das Webinterface wieder joinen lassen. Dann leaved er wieder. (Ich glaube sobald man redet....kp) Diagnose Log...
  5. MrChryfi

    Solved Sinusbot instance can't start

    The Sinusbot can't start the instance to connect to the server. 2018/02/17 17:21:38 X [MAIN] New connection 2018/02/17 17:21:38 be983a59 21d80056 DEBUG TS>QCoreApplication::applicationDirPath: Please instantiate the QApplication object first 2018/02/17 17:21:38 be983a59 21d80056 DEBUG TS>Could...
  6. K

    Solved TSClient Quit

    Operating System: Ubuntu SinusBot Version: latest TS3 Version: latest Problem Description TSClient Quit diagSinusbot Output: ========================================================== SINUSBOT RELATED SYSTEM INFORMATION - Operating System: Ubuntu 16.10 - OS x64 check: OK - Kernel: Linux...
  7. J

    Bug TSClient quit.

    Hi, when I try to start an instance it show this in the log: TSClient quit. I tried to reset VPS, install beta version, reinstall TS3 server but nothing I see also the other question but doesn't solved my question. [2016-06-21 23:26:40] [WELCOME]...