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Bot disconnectet einfach warum?

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Hallo, meine Bot´s sind einfach gestern offline gegangen, warum?

2017-12-29T21:09:14+01:00 New connection status 0; Error 0
2017-12-29T21:09:14+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Disconnected or forced to leave, want autoreconnect = 0
2017-12-29T21:09:14+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Disconnected
2017-12-29T21:09:09+01:00 TS |DEVELOP |PktHandler | |Puzzle solve time: 3
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 New connection status 1; Error 0
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Connecting
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Initiating connection:
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Blacklist check ok
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect to server:
2017-12-29T21:09:06+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Autoreconnecting
2017-12-29T21:09:05+01:00 New connection status 0; Error 1793
2017-12-29T21:09:05+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connection lost, want autoreconnect = 1
2017-12-29T21:09:05+01:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI |1 |Connect status: Disconnected
Not open for further replies.

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