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ich kann leider kein screen nutzen wen ich bei sinusbot die datei sinusbot starte sag er ich soll "-RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat" dahinter verwenden alle anderren start befehle gehen nicht nur "./sinusbot -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat" kann mir einer helfen und sagen wie ich das dann als screen mache oder warum es nicht geht ?
1st: Please read before you post: https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/read-me-before-you-post.342/
2nd: You're in the english forum here. The german support forum concerning the installation can be found a few links below the english one. (https://forum.sinusbot.com/forums/hilfe-bei-der-installation.11/)

It seems to me like you should learn something about linux and screen first, instead of just going for it with closed eyes.

Nevertheless I want to help you, so here you go:
Simply follow one of these two guides:

EDIT: By the way. It says "RunningAsRootIsEvil[...]". So please don't run the bot as root unless you really need to.
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