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Solved I have a problem with several script

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2018-04-15T13:44:00+05:00 Error in script: TypeError: Cannot access member 'id' of undefined

2018-04-15T13:51:14+05:00 Error running JS-Wrap: TypeError: Cannot access member 'setName' of undefined at init (CountOnlineUsers.js:140:4) at main (CountOnlineUsers.js:125:3) at ScriptRunner (<anonymous>:241:4) at <unknown>

if i need
so which of them : db, net, WS


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is awesome!
No, you just set a channel in your script setting (to put the record in) that doesn't exist.

Maybe you deleted the channel?

Aka atm the script is trying to change the name of a channel that doesn't exist, that's why you got that error.
@Script Devs thats why you always check user input when accessing it, even from channel config fields.
channel exists but it is not getting changend

And what about MyGroupAssigner it is outdated i want to update to 0 13 sinus bot but i can not because i need this script so i have not updated yet
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