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[S] TeamSpeak Support Kit


is awesome!
Hello community I am looking for a script that does what is written below, can anyone help me?
The script is supposed to work in such a way that when you enter the support channel the bot writes to you as described below that you then have several options such as I now have problems with the connection that you are then pulled into the channel technology in the server by the bot. I wrote "1" to the bot before, the bot switches me automatically into the channel technic and offers a technician. Then I need support e.g. at "3" and then I am pulled into another channel in ' Support German' and only one supporter is poted. Something like this for example


Hello, player,
I am the TeamSpeak Bot. How can I help you? Just answer me with the respective number to your request:

Z. B.....

1. Don't come to the clan server.
2. My voice is not working properly.
3. need support
4. I have a ban

Thanks in advance would be nice to get an answer hope I am in the right area of the forum.

LG ElekDrix

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