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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3

Idea: @Vxrious and @CPB
Author: @DrWarpMan

Client status in channel name
  • Show online (also away) or offline in channel's name, when specified client is or is not on the server
  • Includes hide command, that can be disabled for each client separately
    (it may trick some basic users, to think that you are really offline, but advanced users know how to find out if you are really offline)
  • Example of a channel name, when user is online / offline / away
    Online Status

    Offline Status

    Away Status
  • Configuration
    - You can change these settings:
    • C. S. in C. N. - List | List of clients and their bound channels (names) to show the status in
      Settings & Examples:
      - Channel ID - 69
      - Client UID - /Yst8oyDYEMkdNqR+zHRpXllbgA=
      - Channel NAME - %symbol% Owner [%status%]
      - BLOCK hide command - unchecked (ALLOW)
    • C. S. in C.N. - Status Symbols & Texts |
      ONLINE Status text [DEFAULT: "ONLINE"]
      OFFLINE Status text [DEFAULT: "OFFLINE"]
      AWAY Status text [DEFAULT: "AWAY"]
      ONLINE Status symbol [DEFAULT: "✅"]
      OFFLINE Status symbol [DEFAULT: "❌"]
      AWAY Status symbol [DEFAULT: "💼"]
    • C. S. in C.N. - Toggle Hide Command | Command, to make bot think, that you are offline [DEFAULT: "!togglehide"]
    • C. S. in C.N. - Away Channels | Channels (IDs), that if client is in, the bot will think, that the client is AFK
    • C. S. in C.N. - Translation | You can translate messages sent to the clients, upon writing hide command
Thanks for using my script(s), report any bugs & request any new things - I try to be active, so I respond as soon as possible!
Thanks to Sinusbot Team, that helps me a lot to get better in JavaScript!
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Latest updates

  1. Added AFK channels!

    In this small update, I added channels, that if client is in he is considered as AFK client...
  2. AWAY status

    In this update, I added an option to use AWAY status. This option is disabled by default.

Latest reviews

It works great, good job.

Could you add an option to consider user as AFK if he set up "AWAY" status instead of having it set up when he joins AFK room please?

It would be awesome, thanks! :)
Thanks for the review, that option is already there, you will get "AWAY" status when you set AWAY status in TS3 client.
If it does not work for you, PM me or better post it in the discussion.
it does not worke it wont edit a chanell
Well, first thing, for others it work, second thing, write it in the discussion so we can solve the problem. Thanks for understanding.
Awesome work
Thank you! <3