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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
This script is no longer maintained/supported. It may or may not work.


Idea: @DrWarpMan
Author: @DrWarpMan
Github: https://github.com/DrWarpMan/sinusbot-scripts

Online Clients Record
  • Show the most online clients record in a channel name or a topic with a date and time when the record was reached
  • Show the population statistics in a channel description, really useful information giving you details about how many clients visit you per day, it is also automatically ignoring people with same IP / UID and so on..
  • You can exclude (ignore) bots by group ID / UID from the total online clients amount
  • NOTE: This is one of my scripts that are not well documented and is harder to make 100% customizable, if you don't understand something, or need a new feature, found a bug, please inform me!


    - You can change these settings:
    • Password | Set a password for a command to reset a specific data [DEFAULT: "" (disabled)]
      Syntax: !ocr <
      password> <task>
      task> can be one of the following: reset_global, reset_daily, reset_today, reset_visits, reset_all
    • Channels I Channels, in which data will be shown, everything is described in the script itself, when you install it
    • Ignored Group IDs | List of group IDs, that will not count towards the total online clients amount
    • Ignored UIDs | List of UIDs, that will not count towards the total online clients amount
Thanks for using my script(s), report any bugs & request any new things - I try to be active, so I respond as soon as possible!
Thanks to Sinusbot Team, that helps me a lot to get better in JavaScript!
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 4 ratings

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Latest reviews

Works Fine. (remember about characters limit)
Haha, yea.. thanks! (Channel name is 40 chars, description is 8192)
Do not use this script. I restarted sinusbot several times when installing new scripts and this script is spamming commands all the time. My VPS CPU went from 20% to 100% + memory leaks. After switching off the script I could finally load sinusbot and all its functions.

I have informed the author in private message about it but he is too arogant and proud to listen so be careful and do not use it.

Instance log: https://pastebin.com/Anha0de9
SS: https://gyazo.com/a68c855c1c7f4bd6138333349d7faffd
There is actually no evidence of my script being the issue. You were rude to me before, the same way you are now. Stupid me, I even tried to help him, but he refused my help anyway.

I am also not sure what are you trying to prove by the logs, there are many messages, which mean nothing, because they are literally just messages sent upon clients leaving / joining and checking the record afterwards.

I may be able to lower the amount of times the checking function is called in the next update, but I am sure my script is not the issue.

The script was tested on a server with almost the same amount of clients online as you have and there were no reports of any kind of lags.
Maybe try to upgrade your VPS, there is logically a bigger impact on a server with more than 100 people, but I do not think it is that much of a problem.
Really nice plugin, works flawless!
Thanks a lot!
Great Plugin! Works fine! :D
Thanks, I appreciate that!