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COVID-19 Live Feed

TS3 COVID-19 Live Feed 1.3.5

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
Provides a live feed about COVID-19 state.

Commands :
!coronavirus (global statistics)
!coronavirus <countryname> (Country based statistics)
!coronavirus map
!coronavirus help (shows this simple info)

Global statistics tracker : You can choose to track info (global and country based) on private channels, you can choose to track it by changing the name , the description or both

Province tracker : to track a province just open this site with firefox https://corona.lmao.ninja/v2/jhucsse and search for your country, then put the corrisponding number in the config.

Data Source : https://github.com/NovelCOVID/API
Please cosider giving a rating if you found this helpful and dm me on the forums if you have any trouble or suggestion.

I hope that one day this script becomes useless.

Edit by Moderator: For advice regarding COVID-19 please see the following sites:
First release
Last update
4.71 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Minor Improvements

    Removed country name in channel name , numbers too large, fixed formatting error in global...
  2. fixes

    small fixes
  3. API updated

    API updated

Latest reviews

Insert tracked province(get number from https://corona.lmao.ninja/v2/jhucsse)

i dont find the code on the site. can u tell me where is the code for nordreihn westfalen in germany
Is it possible to display the Country Values in the chanel name? Without the Country name infront? That you can create the country name on yourself on top and the script will edit the channel name only with the values.
Because no one is reading the channel description. I want to show it on the first look without that the user has to click on the channel to read.
And can you also delete the first | infront of infected of the global count?
| 2700885 | 740396 | 189099
Without it would look better.
Hello, first of all i'd like to thank you for the time spent on doing this script, to keep people stay updated in real time about current situation.
From Today i found, while using your script, the current version of API ( https://corona.lmao.ninja/all) are obsolete.
Those i'd like from you to use it's the following: https://corona.lmao.ninja/v2/all .
Even if it's not in my compentence, i wish that my suggestion has been useful.
I wish to you the best in your work and good luck in your other future project.
Kind Regards
This has been done. Waiting for approval :D
Good script. But if you have a Country like Germany the country channel name gets to long. It won't update the Channel anymore.
It would be greate that you can choose not to put the country name in front of the channelname.
Working on it
Great but what can I do to turn on sending commands to server for everyone?
It's already like this.
Danke, gutes Script was ich auch gern benutze
Thanks for the review!
Thanks for the share ! Question , I saw on the github datasource you use , can i get statistics from province ? Like in https://corona.lmao.ninja/jhucsse . thanks!
I saw a bit , and that would bea hard , i think that's more as a database and i should be loading every data and then filter it , i think it's kinda too much for a sinusbot script, you can do !coronavirus map and then there search it, keeping a province tracker is going to be hard.
Super schnelle Infos der aktuellen Situation! Schnelle Updates und es läuft wirklich sehr gut. Vielen Dank für das Update!