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TS3 SConomy NG - Simple Currency System 1.7.2

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Fix: timeout on data migration if the data to be copied is too big.
Fix: regression causing new users not to have currency generated
Added: servergroups can increase the maximum group a user can have
Added: generated currency limit (default to 9007199254740991 - maximum safe JavaScript number)
Added: possibility to set discount channels (in addition of discount groups)
Added: you can limit the amount of buyable group (12 "groups A" can be sold by the bot)

=> Settings added

I wanted to thank you all for your support and ideas!
Fix: default storage provider was public
(if you let it blank, please consider using the "!sconomy-data-migration-tool" command [to migrate from public to private] or set the provider to "Internal / public" in settings)
Fix: bugs when giving to user without wallets (new ones)
Fix: wallet wouldn't be displayed if user didn't have one (now, it shows with 0 as amount)
Added: external database support (need SConomy NG DB plugin) [synchronous only, for now]
Various improvements
This update brings a disk load improvement (90% if you do it right).
This also reduce the script execution time.

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Added: store history in channel description
Added: command to migrate data
Added: possibility to itegrate other scripts with SConomy NG!

For more infos, please see the resource description

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Warning: "Store command output [Body]" "%c"'s meaning changed and need to be reconfigured in settings
Fix: user could sell a non-soldable group
Fix: store not working on (very) big stores

New: the !sell command can now be configured to make user pay to get their group removed (per-group configuration)

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Here is the changelog:

Fix: Crash on non-configured sales groups
Fix: Crash on !store command if a servergroups was created and added after the bot connects
Fix: admins !addmoney and !removemoney don't show null when the user doesn't exist
Improved: user can add more than one space between command and arguments
Improved: Client can be specified via client URL, UID or nicknames (for commands that need username in parameter)
Added: help command
Added: donations between users [disabled by default] (fees can be applied and restriction to connected users too)
Added: possibility to see at any given distance after the comma (5.48 coins)

=> Settings added
Fix: The generated amount (of coins) per tick can be wrong in the user command output.