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Server Rules

TS3 Server Rules 1.2

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
  1. TeamSpeak 3
This script will message everyone who connects to your server with the rules you added/made.

You can choose between a Channelmode (only message user when they join a specific channel) or Servermode. So it will message everyone regardless in which channel they connect.

You can also activate the "Rule confirmation" which will ask the user to accept or deny the rules and if he did so you can kick him on deny (or not)

If a user accepted he will never get asked again. If he denied he will get asked again every time he joins the Channel/Server.

But you can also deactivate the accepting /denying if you want to message every user only once with e.g. Information's. In this case the user will only get messaged once.

More features are:
  • Complete customization of all textes and commands (so you can use this script in any language)
  • Supports nearly unlimited rules.
  • A user can deny the rules again at any time if he wants
  • If you want you can reset the whole database (Useful for major rule changes).
  • Assign groups after accepting rules
Changelog => https://forum.sinusbot.com/resources/server-rules-partly-broken-wait-for-update.231/updates
First release
Last update
4.00 star(s) 7 ratings

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Latest updates

  1. Groups are back, Poke option and more

    Changelog: + Servergroups are back in. You can assign a group on accept and/or deny. (Hope it's...
  2. Bug fixes only

    Changelog 1.1.1 *Fixed a bug in which the ignore groups - option would only apply if you...
  3. Changelog 1.1 (The meeeh update)

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Latest reviews

Wird dieses Plugin noch unterstützt? Ich habe es auf meinem Sinusbot installiert aber es funktioniert nicht.
Ich habe alles ausgefüllt aber es benachrichtigt niemanden der auf den Server joint.
Auch die Rechte die der Bot hat sind genug.
Can someone help me?
Wonderful script, but as it's outdated atm it doesn't work if you change the sinusbot port to something else than 8087. Still one of my most-favorite plugins
Please Update for the new Sinusbot script Engine and i will give 5 stars to that script
Its nearly done ;)
perfect for our clan rules :) thanks
Very nice
love it <3
Database reset dont working.
I can not reproduce this. The reset works for me. Did you saved the settings and after that unselected them and saved again? Otherwise reply in the discussion thread of this resource.