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TS3 Youtube Search 1.3.4

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This version is compatible with the latest SinusBot 1.0 alpha releases. Thanks to @NT5 for the great script and allowing us to update it and @olokos for his review.
Added initial discord support.
(hotfix) Enqueue not working with download files.
Other changes.
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Update methods.
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New features:
- added commands
- !{command}-video get video details (not play)
- !{command}-search search 5 videos
- !{command}-setkey set an API key
- !{command}-reset reset all settings
- New format variables:
- title
- description_complete
- description
- video_id
- yt_link
- upload_by
- duration
- commentCount
- viewCount
- likeCount
- dislikeCount
- favoriteCount
- Video filters
- video duration
- video title
- User admin & banned users
- New config on interface
- Max youtube videos for search
- Max youtube video duration for playback
- Play a random video from search
- Admin users (ID or Name)
- Banned users <comma saparated> (ID or Name)
- Server groups (ID or Name)
- Fix video link play wrong
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Script update & tested on SinusBot 0.9.18-8499d2c.

- Update some code
- Port most of the script to new engine (except http/queue methods - but it works for now)

- if you not get sound on your bot make sure you have the latest youtube-dl binaries installed on your bot (test with !yt <yt-link> command)
- / NOTFOUND/NOPRIV message not mean nothing, only is the bot catching text
Fixed spam caused for newer sinusbot version
  • Queue added.

Note: Remember to update your sinusbot version to sinusbot-
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  • Remove pm commands and use sinusbot methods instead
  • Added Permission groups
Remember to update your bot version (0.9.12-6bb0227)

Remember to add your bot to users