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  1. F

    DE Discord Bot - Radio Auswahl per Reaktion

    Heyho, wollte kurzerhand mal nachfragen ob es jemanden möglich ist ein Script zu schreiben welches in Discord die Reaktionen auf Nachrichten in einem bestimmten Chat-Channel überwacht und bestenfalls die Anzahl der Reaktionen mit der Anzahl der Leute im Sprach-Channel abgleicht und anhand...
  2. Deny

    TS3/Discord Simple Track Info 1.0.0

    It shows u the Track Information Command : (prefix u can choose between ! / . / none) + track
  3. HiraganaDE

    Music cuts out after half or quarter of the song played

    for some weird reasons the bot just instant stops music after its half way down. It cuts out without any error messages or anything just stops and plays the next title (if its in a playlist). If you need anything tell me i'll post it
  4. Weinz

    Streams funktionieren nicht!

    Hallo, leider hab ich das Problem das keine Streams (Radio) abgespielt werden können. Hochgeladene Musikdateien funktionieren. Habe vor 2 Tagen den SinusBot auf einem vServer (Debian x86_64 minimal) mit dem Auto-Installer Script installiert. Hier der Auszug von dem "diagSinusbot.sh" Script...
  5. D

    Cant play song

    Hi, I have problem with play music from youtube. Before 4days work perfectly but now dont work. In instance log write this: 2019-04-30T18:02:05+02:00 CHAT 1 [danster @ Danster] < yt https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2X5mJ3HDYE > / OK 2019-04-30T18:02:05+02:00 PRIVATE-CHAT [Danster] yt...
  6. Bixilon

    Spotify Support

    Wird es in Zukunft Spotify Support geben? Ich habe zwar schon in anderen Threads den Vorschlag gesehen, aber die sind alle schon etwas älter und ich wollte das mal "auffrischen". Also: Ich weiß es würde schwer sein soetwas zu machen wegen Spotifys DRM, aber ich habe schon einige Leute gesehen...
  7. J


    I'am on debian 9.5 and the music lag but the bot have 4 ms and no packet lost i don't know why i search on your forum but nothing work so you have a solution ? the SampleInterval is at 160 like this post https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/laggy-and-distorted-audio-attached.822/ but laggin again
  8. darkstream


    Who can make a script which will play the setted music in setted time or every x time For example: Play Lil Pump - Gucci Gang every 2 hours if it is playing, script could replay it. I will be very glad to have this wonderfull script
  9. Staz

    Channel Jukebox 1.0.0

    Make custom channels that will play the song you want it to play! Add a song, and double click on it's corresponding channel, to play that song! Commands: !jukeadd [channel name] [youtube URL] - Creates a new channel and attaches that youtube song too it. !jukelist - List's the channels and...
  10. NT5

    Lyrics 0.0.4

    Search Lyrics from makeitpersonal.co Use: !lyrics {artits} - {song name} Example: !lyrics S3RL - Pretty Rave Girl Requires Sinusbot >= 0.9.17 DISCLAIMER All lyrics are from makeitpersonal.co
  11. s0wl

    Music is lagging (LINUX)

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: Newest one with the Installer TS3 Version: 3.x.x Server: 4 vCore 4gb Ram 8gb Burst 100 GB HDD 1Gbit/s Internet Problem Description: Everytime i start the music over the webinterface the music starts without lagging. but when the bot starts to edeting...
  12. Arckene

    Solved Bug with a mp3 radio

    Operating System: Linux (Debian 8) SinusBot Version: Last TS3 Version: Problem Description Hello, i have a bug when i add http://moveradio2.ice.infomaniak.ch/moveradio.mp3 on music It's a french radio flux and he don't work but another radio .mp3 still work with your bot... Help me...
  13. Danielix

    Import old data folder music

    Hi, im new of this forum, but i love this bot and this is my problem: in the past i had a little ts3 server with this bot but after some problemi've closed it and imported the data folder, now i have a new server and reinstalled that bot, buti wanna restore the old playlist and song, what i...
  14. vadammt

    Feature Import existing music library

    Is there a way to import an existing music library let's say the directory /home/media/music into the sinusbot? Our Server is running a media server so I have a huge Music library (about 800GB) and I'd really like to avoid duplicating this library. I found this post saying this feature wont be...
  15. S

    Bot "Ducking" even though its turned off

    My but has ducking turned off so that if people talk it doesn't matter it should keep playing but it ducks anyway? I've also tried making it so that it ducks but the number is 0 so it doesn't duck at all but both don't work? Does anyone know how to fix this?
  16. Web Browser

    Bug Bot keeps muting and doesn't play music

    Im using version 9.13, just got it installed literally. Im also using WINDOWS 10 64bit i have 32gb ram and i7 processor with 4.00ghz Google chrome, i use adblocker, gyazo Get ready to read alot of code on config :3 TS3Path = "C:\\SinusBot\\TeamSpeak 3 Client\\ts3client_win64.exe" ListenHost...
  17. MrJonny

    Bug Bot sound glitches when song changes

    Hi Guys, I got my Sinusbot running two instances on my Dedicated Server. All is well until it changes song, where both instances sound glitches for a second. Not that annoying as its only like every 2-3 minutes. Problem still happens when you have only 1 instance. OS: Ubuntu 16.04 Latest...
  18. RiotMode

    Bug Lange DJ-Sets werden nicht richtig abgespielt

    Hallo, mein Sinusbot verträgt keine Youtube "Dj-Sets" (1h und länger) Wir würden gerne als alternative zum Radio auch gerne mal ein DJ-Set hören, leider ist dies nicht möglich, da man es sich kaum anhören kann.. Es läuft zu schnell ab, es ruckelt, es hat störgeräusche, etc.... Woran kann ich...
  19. Away

    Solved Howto install SinusBot on a CentOS VPS Server?

    Hay! I watched a tutorial to install SinusBot on a Linux VPS but commands are not similar of Debian to Centos so I can't install misspackages (I can't do the xinit command) so impossible to execute the bot :c Thanks for your help
  20. Patrick15a

    TS3 Music info in multiple channels 2.0.2

    Music info in multiply channels Display song title and artist in 2 channels + a channel for an offline text or when playing for: (title) "by" (artist) Last Stable Version: 2.0.2 (Direct Download) Last DevBuild Version: - Function in v2.0.x: Set one channel for currently playing song title Set...