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  1. Minding

    Solved Playback skips forward inside long audio files.

    Hey, I deployed an instance of the SinusBot docker image to my cluster the other day, and so far the experience has been fairly good. I noticed however, that the player jumps inside long tracks repeatedly (every 2-7 minutes; when I go back it's every few seconds - but not always at the same...
  2. J

    Sinus Bot Downloads Yotube Song But Doesn't Play It

    So basically I have had this bot working properly for a while now with no problems getting the youtube-dl working or any trouble installing it. Out of nowhere when I try to use it the other day to play a link with !yt it sends me a message confirming it is downloading it but nothing plays...
  3. Dyze

    EN Return to playing music library after queue has emptied?

    Is it possible to make a script that returns to playing the entire local music folder after the queue is done and empty? I was looking through the documentation but could not figure out a way to do this. Perhaps when the bot stops playing a method could be called to begin playing the folder (if...
  4. kapabac

    Advanced display playback information 2.4

    Peace to all :)! I present to you a little script. Constructive criticism is warmly welcomed, because that is my first creation on javascript :D. Script features: It can replace the channel name on the current radio and add the playback indicator ►/■, replace the bot nick on the artist + track...
  5. M

    TS3 Audio und Playback Error

    Hey Leute, gestern habe ich mir den Sinusbot heruntergeladen. Habe ihn gestartet und auf der Webside meine Musik hochgeladen. Das Problem ist aber, wenn ich den TS öffne. Es erscheint ein Error Feld. Darin steht: The configured playback device was not found. Instead using: Lautsprecher (2-...