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Server Join Alert

Server Join Alert 1.0

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Server / Channel Join Alert

This script automatically alerts every user with a specified servergroup by either privat message or poking when a user without any server groups connects to the server (well actually a specific channel but you can just set the default channel there).
Its just a small script i needed for my own server - I dont know if anyone else think its usefull but i still uploaded it.

Use IDs for the settings.

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Make sure the bot has the necessary permissions to write text messages/poke!
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Seems working fine. Thank you for sharing your Work!
Very useful tool for server admins, especially if you use the server groups as a sort of whitelist function.
I think its' bitchin'. I SOOOOOOOOOO needed this. Thank you. Again, as always, keep up the great work.