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Automatic Channel Group Assigner

Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.3

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Automatic ChannelGroup Assigner

A small and simple script that sets the channel group to every user joining a specific channel.
You can configure multiple channels to check. If needed you can exclude users that have a specific server group to ever get assigned another channel group.

Right now it is not possible to check the current channel group - so it gets set every time a client joins the channel

  • Move the script file to the script folder
  • Make sure the bot has the necessary permissions to assign channel groups!

Feedback or suggestions are welcome.

==This Script was requested by WaltersLv==
First release
Last update
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Latest updates

  1. Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.3

    Added Option to exclude Channel Groups
  2. Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.2

    I am Stupid
  3. Automatic Channel Group Assigner 1.2

    Added Option to ignore moved Clients

Latest reviews

well asked him to create the script. he made it in 2 days if im right and works perfectly. +rep