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- used event "track" for parsing and storing url information
- limited maximum width
- fixed a minor lifecycle bug

After I finished the react refactoring, I was finally able to implement !yt-support!
It's kinda hacky, but it works (most of the time).
If for some reason a transition from one track to the other does not work, you can simply reload the page and should be fine.

- !yt-support in youtube-iframe
- You can now add new jobs from sidebar for download and streaming youtube urls
- fallback to stream on video errors
- Most of the components in the sidebar have better layouts now and are more styled.
- The overall performance / speed was increased
- Titles played via !yt will be seen from the webinterface aswell

Please let me know if you experience any problems.

Syncwatch has now completely moved to react!
I had a hard time refactoring from vanilla js to vue.js and then to react.js, but I am back on tracks and will put out more features soon, now that the application is running for the most parts.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the new look and feel and overall stability.
Reviews are very welcome.
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- fixed login via webinterface
- made channellist reactive, added to sync lifecycle
- made joblist reactive, added to sync lifecycle
- repaired the channel commands that didn't for some
- upgraded the whole script to the latest sinusbot version
- added a new teamspeak channel list which allows you to find out who is listening to the bot instance
- fixed minor lifecycle and ui related stuff


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+ adjustable sync interval through slideout input field (saved in local storage)
+ toggle messages button
+ better accessible "toggle sync"-button
- player height calculation fixed & improved
- minor UI fixes
- minor lifecycle improvment
- !yt titles can be directly streamed now (yt-sync will follow!)
- fixed ts3-chat-commands!
DE: Webstreaming wird nun aktiviert, sofern ein Titel nicht mit youtube-dl heruntergeladen wurde.
Der Fallback klappt nur, falls webstreaming zuvor in der Sinusbot-Server-Config aktiviert wurde.

EN: Fallback to Webstream is now enabled if a title has not been downloaded from youtube or via youtube-dl! Make sure you enable webstream enabled via Sinusbot-Server-Configuration first!
The UI has greatly been improved and login aswell as instance selection are possible via webinterface now.


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you can now call !swc to issue the link to everyone in the channel
- added login possibility (without authenticating via teamspeak first)
- added Instance selection
- changed from zurb foundation to bootstrap 4
- corrected layouts
- finally made use of templating engine (mustache)
- refactored a whole lot