1. The bot currently doesn't work with version 3.1 of the TS client. Please downgrade to an older version. Read this for more information on how to downgrade.

SyncWatch 1.1.2

provides a webinterface for watching !ytdl-tracks in sync with the sinusbot instance

  1. added new command

    you can now call !swc to issue the link to everyone in the channel
  2. Major Update

    - added login possibility (without authenticating via teamspeak first)
    - added Instance selection
    - changed from zurb foundation to bootstrap 4
    - corrected layouts
    - finally made use of templating engine (mustache)
    - refactored a whole lot
  3. bugfixes

    fixed a bug concerning the UI + autoSync functionality
    disabled youtube-search-bar by default as it has no function yet
  4. minor fixes

    minor fixes to the UI, removed non-functioning parts
  5. Controls update

    You can now control the bot via some basic controls.
    You can also search the bots' contents and select a file to play.
    Error handling has been improved, as well as messages and general UI


    1. 2017-05-15 19_01_19-Sinusbot _ SyncWatch.jpg
  6. Obtaining Token automatically

    The script is now obtaining the token automatically each time the command !sw is issued. Previously the token was invalidated after a few hours and users had to reload the script using !swr to reobtain the token.
  7. improved performance and optics a bit

    - hide messages if sync disabled
    - fixed player initial size (less flickering)
    - added sync icon + animation
    - improved text messages
    - improved error handling
  8. webapp url bugfix

    the script did output localhost url only. this is now fixed.
  9. Changed auth mechanism

    i made a major change in authentication;
    you no longer need to provide the token yourself.
    the script does it for you. but, you will need to provide a user login and password via config so the script can claim the token itself.

    my advise: create an extra user just for the purpose with permission to login and manage instances. the users credentials are not visible to the public - only the token which is used in the url the user gets.

    Also, I...
  10. small size min-height bugfix

    fixed min-height for the player-iframe (affects mostly mobile devices)