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  • If you want to test the new SinusBot for Windows that is compatible with TS version 3.1 & the current Discord version, please use this version.

SyncWatch 1.3.3

No permission to download
+ adjustable sync interval through slideout input field (saved in local storage)
+ toggle messages button
+ better accessible "toggle sync"-button
- player height calculation fixed & improved
- minor UI fixes
- minor lifecycle improvment
- !yt titles can be directly streamed now (yt-sync will follow!)
- fixed ts3-chat-commands!
DE: Webstreaming wird nun aktiviert, sofern ein Titel nicht mit youtube-dl heruntergeladen wurde.
Der Fallback klappt nur, falls webstreaming zuvor in der Sinusbot-Server-Config aktiviert wurde.

EN: Fallback to Webstream is now enabled if a title has not been downloaded from youtube or via youtube-dl! Make sure you enable webstream enabled via Sinusbot-Server-Configuration first!
The UI has greatly been improved and login aswell as instance selection are possible via webinterface now.


you can now call !swc to issue the link to everyone in the channel
- added login possibility (without authenticating via teamspeak first)
- added Instance selection
- changed from zurb foundation to bootstrap 4
- corrected layouts
- finally made use of templating engine (mustache)
- refactored a whole lot
fixed a bug concerning the UI + autoSync functionality
disabled youtube-search-bar by default as it has no function yet
minor fixes to the UI, removed non-functioning parts
You can now control the bot via some basic controls.
You can also search the bots' contents and select a file to play.
Error handling has been improved, as well as messages and general UI


The script is now obtaining the token automatically each time the command !sw is issued. Previously the token was invalidated after a few hours and users had to reload the script using !swr to reobtain the token.
- hide messages if sync disabled
- fixed player initial size (less flickering)
- added sync icon + animation
- improved text messages
- improved error handling