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Sinusbot Installer Script

EN Sinusbot Installer Script 1.5

No permission to download

Lala Sabathil

is awesome!
is uber awesome!
well, it seems like not installed or not root
but one other thing could be:
if you use "su" instead of "su -" you don't have the root paths in your session.


New Member
after i go ahead with the installation this happens:
Command which failed was: " sed -i 's/YoutubeDLPath = \"\"/YoutubeDLPath = \"\/usr\/local\/bin\/youtube-dl\"/g' $LOCATION/config.ini". Please try to execute it manually and attach the output to the bug report in the forum thread.
If it still doesn't work report this to the author at https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/sinusbot-installer-script.1200/ only. Not a PN or a bad review, cause this is an error of your system not of the installer script. Line 935.


New Member
-bash: sed -i 's/YoutubeDLPath = ""/YoutubeDLPath = "\/ usr\/local\/bin\/youtube-dl"/g' /config.ini: File o directory doesn't exist


New Member
hey, im trying to install sinusbot on centos 8 with the script, and i am getting this error
Error: Unable to find a match: xvfb libxcursor1 libglib2.0-0 cron-apt ntp python libnss3 libegl1-mesa x11-xkb-utils libasound2 libxcomposite-dev libxi6 libpci3 libxslt1.1 libxkbcommon0 libxss1

a fix would be much appreciated thanks sm

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