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Sinusbot Installer Script

EN Sinusbot Installer Script 1.5

No permission to download


Command which failed was: " su -c "$LOCATION/sinusbot" $SINUSBOTUSER". Please try to execute it manually and attach the output to the bug report in the forum thread.
If it still doesn't work report this to the author at https://forum.sinusbot.com/threads/sinusbot-installer-script.1200/ only. Not a PN or a bad review, cause this is an error of your system not of the installer script. Line 1091.
[email protected]:/home/sinusbot# su -c "$LOCATION/sinusbot" $SINUSBOTUSER
bash: /sinusbot: No such file or directory
need help

Lala Sabathil

is awesome!
it's a problem with you system.
I'm running debian 11 as well and it works with the installer.
Check the bit mask