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NotificationSystem 0.3

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This script allows you to bring up a small NotificationSystem on your server.

You can configure a notificiation group and all messages.
Now every time a user joins any channel, this script will check if someone is set in your config to be notified when someone joins this channel and check, if this user has the notificiation group. Then he will recieve a configurable textmessage, which tells him, who is waiting for him. You can also set up a message the joined user should get.

Notice: I'm using this script on my Teamspeakserver since I provide channels for small YouTubers. They can get a "Waiting for []" channel and will be informed, if someone enters it. As you can see it only supports a "One User - One Channel"-System. It's not tested for multiple users set up for the same channel and also not for multiple channels for one user. It might work, but it's not written for this purpose. If you want something like this, let me know and I'll update this script as soon as I can. If you want a complete SupportSystem until this works, I recommend VerHext's Support++ Script.

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Latest reviews

Hi, can you make an Ignore Groups system ? For example, actually, someone needs a supporter, he comes in the channel, activates a notification and a supporter comes and also activates a notification. It's not really good !
Good Job BTW. (Support++ doesn't work for me)
Sehr gutes Script, ich freue mich dass dein Script mit dem Support++ system kompatibel ist. Freue mich schon auf weitere Scripts!