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  1. Deny

    TS3/Discord Simple Track Info 1.0.0

    It shows u the Track Information Command : (prefix u can choose between ! / . / none) + track
  2. Somaki

    Question Regarding the usage and syntax for new Discord Role -> User Acc feature

    Version: SinusBot 1.0.0-beta OS: Windows 8.1 64-bit As I have been made aware, SinusBot now allows for User Accounts to be connected to Discord roles rather than only specific Discord Users. However, I am unsure of how to properly do so. I have attempted: -Setting the Discord Group Id...
  3. MinenIntros

    Solved Discord-Fehler

    Brauche keine Hilfe mehr. Danke!
  4. FoxXxHater

    Mein Bot Akzeptiert keine Scripts || My Bot dont load any Scripts

    --DEUTSCH-- Hallo alle zusammen, ich habe leider ein kleines Problem... und zwar wenn ich irgend ein Script installiere oder herunterlade, zeigt der Bot dieses Script NICHT im Reiter Scripts an, im Dashboard. Da ist es egal ob ich es extern installiere oder direkt im Dashboard... das ein...
  5. irgendwr

    TS3/Discord Group List 1.0.0

    This is a simple script that allows you to list the servers groups and their IDs with the !groups command. Installation: Download the script and put it in the scripts folder Reload/restart the bot Go to your webinterface > Settings > Scrips and enable the script by checking the box next to it...
  6. Guedes

    Discord groupid

    Hello, could anyone tell me if it is possible to put permissions in a discord group? I'm going to tell you if the discord positions have id to put in the sinusbot and whoever has that group has permission on the bot, if you can to see the job id in the discord tell me how it's done, thanks to...
  7. S

    !registration bug and Discord role feature

    Hello everyone, I just wanted to inform you that !registration disable doesn't seem to work. The bot doesn't answer, and I think the registration doesn't get disabled. The other thing is that I saw "support Discord roles" in the changelog and I thought I could manage permissions through the...
  8. C

    [DISCORD] Bot connected on channel, but no sound

    Hello, I recently migrated from TeamSpeak 3 to Discord. Then I set up the bot for Discord and followed every single rule on the FAQ. The bot is connected into a voice channel, but it doesn't make any sound. The music is playing on the admin panel. Bot Version : SinusBot 0.13.37-9791176...
  9. M

    [Discord] !help omits "Ignore server-chat"

    The !help command does not abide by the "ignore <x>" options. My version: SinusBot 0.13.37-9791176 My configuration: Behavior: Expected behavior: same as all other commands, ignore the command and dont reply. Temporary workaround: Deny the bot to view text channels (not an option in my...
  10. Vosly0

    Discord (error from conn reader)

    Welcome, I've got a little problem with the bot. I'm using two instances, one TeamSpeak3-Bot and one Discord-Bot. The TeamSpeak3 instance works fine, but the Discord instance keeps disconnecting randomly. Logs: 2018-05-20T22:24:53+02:00 disconnected from discord 2018-05-20T22:24:53+02:00 error...
  11. Koby

    More than 2 discord bots

    Hello, is it possible to have more than 2 discord bots? Greetings Koby
  12. TomoS

    How register - Discord

    I want to manage commands by discord. How do I register a bot to be able to enter commands on the chat?
  13. leonwallis

    Solved Transfer auf neue Version funktioniert nicht.

    SOLUTION/LÖSUNG: Launch as Administrator / Als Administrator starten Ich habe mir die neuste Sinusbot Version mit Discord Support geholt, in die config.ini geschrieben, dass die 12GB Lieder, etc aus dem alten Verzeichnis geladen werden sollen (in meinem Fall mit DataDir =...
  14. L

    Solved Discord bot auf Linux vServer

    Betriebssystem: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.x Discord Hallo ich möchte gerne den Sinusbot auf meinen Linux vServer machen. Allerdings soll der Bot auf Discord laufen. Wie installiere ich ihn auf dem vServer über Discord? Bitte um Hilfe...
  15. R

    Discord bot not working. Error from conn reader.

    Operating System: Windows / Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.21-217b2fe TS3 Version: 3.x.x (don't use it) Problem Description Greetings my German and other friends! Well, prior to this day the bot used to work very well. However today, I wanted to listen to some music, I started the SinusBot (using...
  16. Walhfort

    Discord - TS Gateway

    Hi, I recently thought of a using a bot to offer a way of linking a TS to a Discord channel. The bot would connect in a TS AND a Discord, and link voice from one to the other and back. I was wondering if it was possible, and if it was, if anyone had any idea about how to do it. Thanks, Walhfort
  17. K

    Solved Scripts not working for discord

    Hi all, I have been using a discord instance of SinusBot, but I never attempted to add any scripts before tonight. None of the ones I download and put into the "scripts" folder is working (http://prntscr.com/h8j92x). An option to enable them in the web interface doesn't seem to work...
  18. remix867

    Vorschlag: Trackstatus Discord

    Betriebssystem: Debian 8.0 Basical SinusBot Version: 0.9.21 TS3 Version: Discord ;D Verbesserungsvorschlag: Gewisse Funktionen wie "Announce tracks" sind bei Discord noch nicht verfügbar. Die Funktion "Announce tracks" kann natürlich nicht wie bei Teamspeak im Channel Chat eine nachricht...
  19. D

    won't fix It doesn't show any voice channel (Discord)

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.x Problem Description I let the bot connect to my Discord server but it doesn't show any channels so i cant let it join. it has admin permission so it should be able to see all channels.
  20. N

    How to install sinusbot? On bananaPi for discord.

    How do I activate Sinusbot on bananaPi? I will use it for Discord. [Raspbian]