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  1. SpinningPlays


    Hello, i need some help with the bot. I didn't found a good tutorial so i hope you can give me a tutorial. With Best Regards
  2. UraharaNZ

    Solved SinusBot don´t work on Debian 9

    Operating System: Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.21 TS3 Version: Problem Description SinusBot isn´t working with the commands, I'm trying to register a user or use !qyt !yt commands and the bot don´t work/answer
  3. T

    Please Help!

    Hello! I've downloaded Soundboard for TS3 and wanted to ask if there's any way to play the soundboard and the other people in the channel can hear the Sounds, while I'm muted. Thank you Hidden Message!
  4. Newbie

    Solved Hilfe bei Commands/scripts

    Hallo liebe Freunde der Musik, ich benötige etwas Hilfe bzgl zwei Scripts. Ich konnte ähnliche auch nicht finden. 1. Zunächst geht es um Kommando Befehle seitens des Bots, die ich so nicht gefunden habe. Ich habe im Webinterface, unter Musik, 3 Radiosender eingefügt. Ich würde gerne den Bot...
  5. P

    yt-dl not working

    hello, I download today the latest version of sinusbot and the latest version of yt-dl (2017.08.06) and I installed the bot ok all right but when I put the yt-dl in the console I receive this message: 2017/08/08 10:35:12 [GENERAL/YTDL ] INFO youtube-dl version compatible, support enabled...
  6. CAI0

    HELP | Does WINDOWS 2008 SERVER not run?

    Operating System: Windows / Linux SinusBot Version: 0.9.x TS3 Version: 3.x.x Problem Description I bought a vps yesterday with windows server 2008 I downloaded the bot but when I click open, nothing happens! Translation with Google translator sorry
  7. C

    Solved Looks fine but it's not working

    Hi everyone. Since the creator made us run the bot without root user, I couldn't and can't use sinusbot. I am not advanced in linux and found a way to open a non-root user with permissions. But still got an issue. When I type ./sinusbot it runs but I can't connect to the panel also bot doesn't...
  8. F

    Solved Benötige Hilfe mit der Version! [GER/DE]

    Die Fehlermeldung: This version is only compatible with a 64bit 3.0.14.x TS Client, the installed version is Please downgrade to a compatible version. Check the SinusBot Website / Forus for more information. [ Ich habe mir die aktuellste Version vn teamSpeak³ runtergeladen, jedoch...
  9. S

    Problem for the account

    Operating System: Windows 8 SinusBot Version: TS3 Version: Problem Description Hello, I can not connect when he asks me, here is a screnn: I put the password I put to connect to the site but ca put: Unauthorized Please Help me !
  10. MrJh101

    Licence bots can't connect!

    So i got licence for 6 bots and 2 of them the original ones can connect but 4 licence bot can't! and i get this error code from instance log. 2017-06-12T00:05:14+03:00 TS |INFO |ClientUI | |Last update check was: Tue Jan 1 00:00:01 2019 2017-06-12T00:05:14+03:00 New connection status 1; Error 0...
  11. S

    Solved Make the bot identity work?

    Hello, I was just wondering how I get my bot working with Teamspeak. How do I put the identity given by the webpage in "Bot Information" work. Like how do I put it in teamspeak for it to be able to use that identity. Thanks. Superman.
  12. Doggy Doggo

    EN Script told to stop but it's still running!

    Hey guys I am trying to create a few commands for my bot, the reason I am creating these manually is I don't want to give people full access and want to limit what they can do. Now here is the script so far https://pastebin.com/mxg4nuqY Now everything works fine, it identifies the blocked user...
  13. Firestone82_

    EN A certain channel causes > Clear Queue and Stop Playback

    Hello, I need help. Can somebody create me a script that bot shoud do? I need.. When music bot gets moved to certain channel it will stop Playback and clear Queue. Can some Programator do this? I need help with it and i dont know how i can program that. Thank for answer and sorry for my bad english.
  14. A

    EN Database via sinusbot code

    Hey guys, i've got a little problem. <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen) VALUES ('qwe', 'zcx', 2)");</code> it works but i want to have a variables instead of 'qwe' 'zcx' and 2. ive tried this <code>if (dbc) dbc.exec("INSERT INTO TOP (Nick, Uid, Ilsoc_Polaczen)...
  15. Hansel

    Solved Reqeust: Run a database script (server chat)

    I would like a script that sends every 10 min(variable) the server chat to my database.I know there is like a code for that but i don't know how to begin with getting the server chat.
  16. Hansel

    Solved Reqeust: Backup the server layout (channels/groups)

    I would like to see that my bot can backup the server in a file (channels/groups). So when my server crashes i dont have to start from 0. I just let my bot create the groups and channel again with the file i created from the backup.
  17. Z

    EN [REQUEST] !skyrock radio

    [EN] Hello everybody! I would have wanted to know if somebody of you would be kind enough to make me a script for! Skyrock and that this throws the radio skyrock (URL: http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k) It would replace !stream http://icecast.skyrock.net/s/natio_mp3_128k by !Skyrock...
  18. LeShoxx

    DE NoRecord nur im eigenen bot channel

    Ich würde gerne die norecord.js datei umschreiben das er nur seinen eigenen channel bzw spezifierte channel prüft ist das möglich?
  19. dermarios

    Help with screen Screen Fehler [GER]

    ich kann leider kein screen nutzen wen ich bei sinusbot die datei sinusbot starte sag er ich soll "-RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat" dahinter verwenden alle anderren start befehle gehen nicht nur "./sinusbot -RunningAsRootIsEvilAndIKnowThat" kann mir einer helfen und sagen wie ich das dann als...

    Solved "This version has expired" Bot not starting

    0.9.16 without problems but ı updated 0.9.18. not working not starting windows 10 pro 64 bit teamspeak 64 bit version