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Group Protection

TS3 Group Protection 0.3

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Required SinusBot Version
Compatible Backends
TeamSpeak 3

Idea: @DrWarpMan
Author: @DrWarpMan

Group Protection
  • Protect clients' groups from being removed / added
  • Punish those, who shouldn't have those groups!
  • If somebody gets group X and he isn't in the list, he will be removed from the group + punished (optional)
    If somebody isn't in group X and he is in the list, he will be added to the group

    - You can change these settings:
    • Group Protection Users | List of clients' identities + their protected groups
      SYNTAX: identity [space] groupID [space] groupID [space] ...
      EXAMPLE: G71T3Ue3LA3C7UqktLpBIROQ7r4= [space] 17 [space] 71 [space] 69
    • Group Protection Punish Method | What will happen to users, that had groups, which they shouldn't have (avaliable methods: none, poke, kick, ban) [DEFAULT: "none"]
    • Group Protection Ban Time | How long will be the user banned (in seconds) [DEFAULT: "300"]
    • Group Protection Punish Message | Message, that will be sent with poking / kicking / banning [DEFAULT: "Security!"]
Thanks for using my script(s), report any bugs & request any new things - I try to be active, so I respond as soon as possible!
Thanks to Sinusbot Team, that helps me a lot to get better in JavaScript!
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Latest updates

  1. Added ban punishment!

    Hey! The code is now more readable, and faster! And the resource's page is a lot better too...
  2. [RE-CODED] Added groups per user & punishments

    New: - now you can add group(s) per specified user.. example: User 1 will have groups Z,Y User 2...

Latest reviews

Nice script but i think some features are missing:
Punish: Kick, Ban
Ad complaint (if this is possible)

Another feature that i would love (dont know if possible withing sinusbot) would be the possibility to add/remove groups via telnet. that way "server query admin" could be protected as well.
Thanks! There is already "kicking punishment" and "banning punishment" will be added in the next update. I am sorry but complaining punishment is not possible through Sinusbot now. And the "telnet" thingy is not possible too, but if you give the bot "Server Query Group" (or it's copy), he should be able to protect the group as well - but I do not know if this works in the latest TS3 version, I use 3.5.X, and in the new version, server query is a little bit changed, so if you have 3.6.X or something like that, it might not work.
Nice Script !
Is there a way to specify the group
so "this users get owner, this users get admin or any other and the other users dont get it ?
atm i only can say this users get this groups without split ?
Thanks! @Tyloendis already suggested this. I'll try to implement it as soon as possible.
I see very big potential in this script, nice idea!